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Gives you control anytime, anywhere with iAquaLinkTM

VX65 iQ with iAquaLink™
The VX65 iQ with iAquaLink™ gives you control anytime, anywhere

The VX65 iQ is the latest game changer in the robotic pool cleaning space. You can now control your cleaner from any smart device, anytime, anywhere using the iAquaLink™. The VX65 iQ easily connects to home Wi-Fi for remote access and on demand control. This means that both pool owners and pool service technicians have the ability to access real time scheduling, programming and troubleshooting without needing to be poolside.

Ultimately, this means that you can get on with the things you’d rather be doing than cleaning the pool.

Super easy to remove
Super easy to remove from the water

The Patented Lift System makes it super easy to remove the robot from the pool

Easily activate the Patented Lift System from either smart device or control box by simply pressing a button

Water evacuates from the rear for light weight removal from the water line.

Enjoy easier removal with 20% less effort

4WD All Terrain Technology
4WD All Terrain Technology

Thanks to the 4 Wheel Drive automotive drive system, the cleaner overcomes most obstacles with its amazing climbability ensuring most areas of your pool, such as floor, walls and waterline are thoroughly cleaned

Vortex Cyclone Vacuum Technology
Vortex Cyclone Vacuum Technology means there is no loss of suction power

The Patented Vortex Technology provides powerful and constant cyclonic suction by keeping the debris in suspension within the filter canister

This technology allows the VX65 iQ Robotic Pool Cleaner to capture large debris such as gum nuts, twigs and eucalyptus leaves whilst not losing suction power

Easy to clean canister
Easy to clean canister, without touching the debris

Large and easy to clean filter canister

Never touch debris again thanks to the easy access and hygienic design of the filter canister.

Clean and remove debris in a matter of minutes with minimum fuss.

Large front scrubbing brushes
Large front scrubbing brushes to remove stubborn debris

The extra large scrubbing brushes and large opening mouth underneath adapt to all kinds of debris for deep cleaning of floor, walls and waterline

The large mouth opening means that the VX65 iQ is perfect for capturing large debris such as gum nuts, twigs and eucalypts leaves

Swivel cable
Swivel cable to reduce tangling

21m floating swivel cable is designed to reduce the cable from tangling

The App

The iAquaLink™ app was designed with the pool owner in mind, meaning that it is simple and easy to navigate. Industry- leading pool automation app designed for pool owner’s convenience. iAquaLink™ allows you to control your pool anywhere, anytime. Using your free app for your smart phone or web-connected device, you can control all the elements of your pool or pool/spa system, even when you’re on the go.


Super easy operation
Super easy operation

  1. Easy start

    Once cleaner is submerged in the water, simply press START to begin cleaning cycle operation

    The App displays the time remaining for the selected cleaning cycle

  2. Cycle Time Adjustment

    Easy to increase or decrease cleaning cycle duration, simply press (+) and (-) buttons

    Time adjusts up or down in 30 minute increments

  3. Stop Cycle

    Simply press STOP to interrupt and cancel an in-progress cleaning cycle

Program Recurring Cleaning Schedules
Program Recurring Cleaning Schedules

Easily program recurring cleaning schedules using iAquaLink™ Control.

To schedule, simply select day of the week when you want the cleaner to run and select a start time

Cleaning cycles can be edited or cancelled anywhere, anytime using the iAquaLink™ App.

Easily Customise cleaning mode for your pool
Easily Customise cleaning mode for your pool
Pre-set and customise cleaning mode options for your pool by pool surface, cleaning intensity, cleaning area and duration

Choose between Quick Clean, Deep Clean, Waterline Only and Custom Cleaning modes

In Custom Mode, the cleaning surface and cleaning intensity can be selected separately.

Surface choices include: Floor Only, Floor and Wall, Waterline Only

Intensity options are: Standard Intensity or High Intensity

Remote Control using your smart device
Remote Control using your smart device
Remote control convenience at your fingertips. The cleaner can be directed and controlled using your mobile device as a remote control.

You may choose to control the VX65 iQ using joystick commands or directional motion control. Easily switch between these two modes within the app.

Remote control is perfect for spot cleaning, or just have fun!

Super easy to remove from the water
Super easy to remove from the water with the Patented Lift System
The Patented Lift System was designed to assist in retrieving the robot from the pool.

Activate the Patented Lift System from either smart device or control box.

Simply press the Lift System icon on the mobile device to drive the cleaner to the wall it is facing. The cleaner will wait at the water line to be retrieved.

Intuitive Communication Messages
Intuitive Communication Messages

The robot sends in-app communication messages and troubleshooting to your smart device

Helpful troubleshooting advice is communicated if an error occurs.

Tech Specs
Why choose a Robotic pool cleaner?

Robotic pool cleaners have increased in popularity in recent years as technology has become more reliable with continued engineering investment and innovation in the category. Robotic pool cleaners work independently from the pool pad, as they are driven by an electric motor inside the unit and plugged into a separate power source. Robotic cleaners are a self-contained cleaner, collecting dirt and debris in a canister within the cleaner. Zodiac robotic pool cleaners are energy efficient, only consuming 150 watts/hour which is less than running a LCD TV.

  • Technology
    Robotic Pool Cleaner
  • Automotive Drive System
    4 Wheel Drive
  • Installation / Start up
    Plug & Play Connects to home WiFi for control anywhere, anytime
  • Applications
    IoS and Android
  • Floating swivel cable length
  • Suitable pool size
    In ground pools, pools up to 15m x 7m
  • Suitable pool shape
    Rectangular, oval, round, free form
  • Suitable pool surfaces
    Concrete, pebblecrete, quartzon, firbreglass, tile
  • Cleaning areas
    Floor, walls and waterline
  • Energy Consumption
    150 Watts/hour
  • Safety Standards
    Certified to Australian Safety Standards
  • Warranty
    3 Years Warranty Limited* *1200 hours on motor block or 3 years, which ever comes first. * 1 Year only on filter canister
  • Number of motors
  • Cabinet Supply Voltage
    220-240V, 50Hz
  • Robotic Supply Voltage
    30 V
  • Cleaner dimensions (W x D x H)
    43 x 48 x 27 cm
  • Packaging dimensions (L x W x H)
    56 x 56 x 45 cm
  • Cleaner weight
  • Packaged weight
    19.2 kg
  • Filter capacity
    5 L
  • Theoretical cleaning path
  • Pump flow rate
Accessories included in the pack
  • Transport and storage trolley
  • Control box
  • 5 litre capacity 200 micron filter canister
Demo Videos
Using and installing your Robotic pool cleaner

The Zodiac VX65 iQ Vortex Pro Robotic Pool Cleaner is simple to install.
Always refer to owner’s manual for correct and full operational instructions.

Introducing the VX65iQ Robotic Pool Cleaner

How to connect your VX65iQ Robotic Pool Cleaner

How to set up the Zodiac VX65 iQ Robotic Pool Cleaner

Super easy to remove from the water

Test Drive
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Contact Zodiac +64 9-415 3670 to find your nearest stockist
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