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Zodiac Products

At Zodiac we want to give you more time to enjoy your pool or spa, in a comfortable, safe environment. We’re always working on new products that take the hassle out of pool and spa maintenance, or that increase your comfort and peace of mind.





Zodiac provides the most extensive range of pool cleaners in Australia and New Zealand. The range consists of the latest robotic, suction and pressure pool cleaners. Amongst the products in our range is the latest game changer in the robotic pool cleaning space, the VX65 iQ. The Vortex Pro VX65 iQ easily connects to home Wi-Fi for remote access and on demand control, anywhere, anytime. The VX55 4WD is still the New Zealand favourite featuring cable tangle prevention technology and a kinetic remote control.

The lightweight design of the New TORNAX robotic cleaner range makes pool cleaning effortless thanks to the agile operation of both TX20 and TX35.

The AX10 ACTIV mechanical suction pool cleaner features exclusive cyclonic scrubbing action thanks to the dual active scrubbers. There is a Zodiac pool cleaner to suit most Australian residential pools.


Zodiac are the industry leaders in salt chlorinators. Swimming pool chlorine generators (also referred to as salt water pool chlorinators) create their own chlorine in the pool water, meaning you don't need to add chlorine to your pool manually. 


MagnaPool is the only trusted and authentic mineral water swimming pool that’s beautiful to swim in, environmentally friendly and beneficial to our health and wellbeing. MagnaPool’s revolutionary blend of minerals provides pool water that is a healthier and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional salt water or chlorine pools.


Zodiac chemical feeders are perfect for those who prefer to use liquid acid and chlorine to balance and sanitize their pool.  Take the guess work of chemical dosing with Zodiac Chlor Perfect and pH Perfect.



Nature2 is a mineral-based water purifier that works with chlorine to keep your swimming pool or spa water healthy and clear with fewer chemicals.

Pool Pumps

You need a healthy heart to enjoy life to its fullest! Likewise to get the most from your pool you need a pool pump that operates effectively, efficiently and quietly year round. The pool pump draws water from your pool and circulates it through the filter and salt chlorinator, delivering clean healthy water back into your pool. Switch to a energy efficient multi speed pump today and save hundreds of dollars per annum. 


If the pump is the heart, the filter is the lungs of the pool systems. Filters remove dirt, debris, oil, skin, hair and micro organisms from your pool water that are not captured by the pool cleaner or the skimmer box. As water passes through the filter, impurities are trapped and water returns to your pool in a clean and pristine condition.

Pool & Spa Covers

Zodiac offers a broad range of good quality pool and spa covers, including roller systems and accessories. 


Imagine firing up the spa on your way home from work, turning on your pool cleaner from the golf course, even flicking on the lights, fountain and music as guests are arriving. Pool & Spa Controllers make this possible, and Zodiac is the world leader in this field. Check out the iAquaLink™. It gives you remote access you your pool equipment via any smart phone, tablet or web-connected device - take control of your pool or spa, anywhere, any time!


Dive in and get the most out of your pool this year! Whilst your neighbours have put the pool to bed for winter, you and your family can be enjoying your pool all year round. And it's not as costly as you might think. Zodiac is the leading supplier of heat pumps for domestic swimming pools in Australia.

Pool & Spa Valves

They might not be sexy but the humble valve plays a critical role in pool maintenance. Zodiac are the global leaders with its ever reliable, Jandy range of valves. As the name suggests, the Jandy Neverlube™ valves never require lubrication, and are therefore almost entirely maintenance free!


Water features make a great addition to your pool or garden and Zodiac have plenty for you to choose from.


Just like your pool, spas and hot tubs need to be balanced and sanitised correctly. Zodiac Spa Chemicals allow you to create a perfect spa in three easy steps.


Create a pure, sparkling pool in three easy steps! To get the most enjoyment out of your pool, you need to look after it carefully. That's where the Zodiac Pure Solution complete pool care system comes in.

In just three easy steps, you'll be enjoying a cleaner pool with more sparkle.



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